Tips for Indians to Pursue Higher Education in Canada in 2022

Canada is an ideal destination and is sought by many Indian students to complete their higher education. This is because of the low cost of living, higher standard of education, and low unemployment rate. Moreover, there are also scholarship options available for students that they can apply for. 

However, certain criteria need to be fulfilled like good academic score from a recognized institute, extracurricular indulgence, and language proficiency. One can check the list of institutes recognized in Canada here. Here below are more tips for Indians to pursue higher education in Canada. 

Why Pursue Higher Education in Canada?

The following are some of the reasons why Canada has become the first preference of Indian students when it comes to completing higher studies in a foreign nation:

Budgeted Education Cost

Education cost in Canada is reasonable compared to the UK and US. Moreover, students also get the option to avail of scholarships by universities that further help them cut down their education expenses.

High Standard of Living

The standard of living and the quality-of-life candidates get here is quite high, thus making it one of the top places to study. Moreover, since the quality of life is high, the crime rate in the country is low. Also, the nation makes an effort to improve social surroundings and carry-on development. 

No Language Barrier

Canada has two official languages, one is English, and the other is French. However, English is the most common language spoken by almost everyone making it easy for international students to communicate. Also, the language of instruction used in internationally ranked universities in Canada is English.

Several Top-ranked Universities 

Students can find many top-ranked universities in Canada with a long history and reputation for academic excellence and high employment rate. In fact, many Canadian institutes are competing with the UK and US leading universities. 

Diverse Culture

Another reason Canada is a popular destination for students to complete their studies is its diverse environment. In fact, the first language of 50% of the population is not English. Around 120,000 international students and more come annually to study in Canada, thus creating a large multicultural environment. So, candidates find it easy to adapt and make connections. 

What is the Eligibility to Study Higher Education in Canada?

The following are the eligibility criteria that students have to fulfill to get admission to the top universities of Canada:

For Undergraduate Program

10+2 pass certificate with a minimum of 65% marks. Also, many universities in Canada require maths as a compulsory subject in class 12. So, candidates must check it too before applying.
Proof that a candidate has given the IELTS/TOEFL exam. However, the score requirement may vary from one university to another. Some ask for 6.5, while others require less than 6. Aspiring students wanting more information on the minimum IELTS score for Canada PR can check out this link

For Postgraduate Programs

A minimum of four-year education program after 10+2. 
A valid proof of IELTS or TOEFL scores to validate English proficiency.
GPA should be above 3.0 at an undergraduate level.
Universities also require a GRE score if students want to get admission at a master’s level. 
GMAT score if students are pursuing management courses. The general minimum score requirement is 550. 

Scholarship List to Apply in Canada

Universities of Canada have several scholarship programs to support the education of those students who can’t fund it. The list is as follows:

Go Clean Scholarship
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Ontario Trillium Scholarship
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award
Waterloo Merit Scholarship
Humber College International Entrance Scholarship
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
Science and Law School Scholarship

What are the Top Universities in Canada?

The following are the top universities students can apply to for a better future and a good employment opportunity: 



Global Rank

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario


McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario


University De Montreal

Montreal, Quebec


University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta


University of British Columbia

Vancouver & Kelowna, British Columbia


McGill University

Montreal, Quebec


University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario


Different Courses Students Can Opt for at Canadian Universities

There are various fields of study options where students can see their future like Languages, Arts, History, Engineering and Management. The recent popular options international students choose to pursue in the top universities of Canada are:


Students who want to become a specialist in risk management, brand management, logistic management or others can study Business. The education here involves academics followed by an internship or work experience. 

Environmental Science

Another option that is available to students in the Environment Science Program. Here they will get training on how to solve environmental problems. Also, the study course covers ethical considerations and ecosystem ecology policies.


Arts is a big part of Canada because of its rich history and diverse culture. Thus, immigrants can sharpen their skills in fields of interest like sculpture, painting, film, photography and design. Also, after a diverse wave of immigrants hit the cities of Canada, it developed an interesting mix of art and culture. 


Canada is considered to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Not only this but the country has also been praised for its effective prevention and primary care. Moreover, since all medical schools in Canada focus on research, students can find a better future if they pursue Medicine.


After the boost of economic sectors in Canada, more and more students choose Engineering and Technology Degrees. This field helps students specialize in systems, biomedical, and electrical/computer engineering. 

Social Sciences

Students can also get different degree options if they want to study international relations, political science, psychology and other curricula. The programs set out for students by Canadian Universities help them gain valuable skills and excel in leadership, project management, and critical thinking. Also, the education course is such that it perfectly matches the requirements of the job market. 

This is all the information one needs to know if he or she is looking to complete higher education in Canada from India. Students can find details of why to choose Canada for higher education, which universities to target, scholarships they can apply for and degrees they can pursue. 

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